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Quality training

The Permanent Makeup School provides high-quality training that allows students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for professional work in the field of permanent makeup.

Practical experience

The school of permanent makeup provides students with the opportunity to gain practical experience on real clients, which allows them to better understand the specifics of the work and develop their skills.

Individual approach

The school of permanent makeup takes into account the individual needs and abilities of each student, which allows you to achieve the best results and success.

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Modern equipment

The school of permanent makeup uses modern equipment and materials, which allows students to gain experience with new technologies and techniques.

Support after graduation

The School of Permanent Makeup provides its graduates with support and advice after graduation, which allows students to continue to develop and improve.

The School of Permanent Makeup provides its graduates with certificates that confirm their qualifications and competence in the field of permanent makeup.

Our philosophy

Why us?

Unique techniques and skills that have been collected all over the world

Permanent makeup School is your path to professional success in the field of beauty and permanent makeup. Get quality training, hands-on experience on real clients, modern equipment and support after graduation. Become a certified specialist and reach new heights in your career!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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About the features of the course

What kind of experience is needed to enroll in a permanent makeup school?
Experience is not required. The school provides training for beginners and for those who already have some experience in the field of beauty.
How long does it take to study at a permanent makeup school?
The training can last from several weeks to several months, depending on the training program.
What materials and equipment will be provided at the school?
The school provides all the necessary materials and equipment for training, including permanent paints, needles, apparatuses, sterile supplies, etc.

Questions about important

Is it possible to get a certification after graduation?
Yes, the school provides certificates that confirm qualifications and competence in the field of permanent makeup.
What is the cost of studying at the permanent makeup school?

The cost of training may vary depending on the training program and the duration of the course. Usually the cost includes materials and equipment for training.

What career opportunities open up after graduation from the permanent makeup school?

After graduating from the permanent makeup school, students can start working in beauty salons, spas, clinics and hotels, as well as open their own business in this area.

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We honor our reputation very much and we have impeccable feedback from our students

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